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The red pill

Last year, my friends and I were discussing the possibility of starting a free online resource for teaching programming to the (to my happiness) ever increasing number of people willing to make the leap from “consumer” to “creator”, and whether such a project is realistic or not. Programming resources are found anywhere, some paid, some free; still, most of them are either starting with the “some programming fundamental background is assumed” paradigm, or they are written/explained in a very official, artificial, academic language, which many beginners find discouraging. By no means I am an expert in programming, probably no one is, and also by no means I am a teacher.

Still, here I am, finally decided to try and offer you the Red Pill. Knowledge. The possibility of seeking other truths, whatever you understand through that. Most likely, this project will take a huge lot of time, and for those used to follow “the easy path” I can spare you some lost time right now: programming is no easy job. Forget the “become a programmer in 21 days” blah-blah’s found online. No matter how good you are, you will not become a programmer in 3 weeks. That I can promise. Programming is not easy, and it’s not time forgiving. At all.

This is one of the reasons I have decided to create this website. To offer people the chance of walking this hard path, and make the journey as easy as possible. God, wish I had help myself when I started learning programming! Would have spared me quite some sleepless nights and a handful of pulled hairs…

Still, I can only show you the door. YOU are the one that has to go through it!

These being said, I bid you good luck and a single warm, heart-full wish: let us (hopefully) see each other at the end of this journey!

Happy coding!


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